Types of Equipment You Can Make Use of For House Demolitions

If you are looking to embark on renovations, house demolitions are a necessary part of the process. However, these demolitions do not simply involve knocking down walls with a sledgehammer without a proper plan in place. You need to know what you are doing as house demolitions can create a lot of dust, shattered materials such as brick and timber as well as disintegrated drywall, which can be easily inhaled if not eliminated appropriately. If you are planning to embark on DIY demolition for a small project, you can opt to do so without state of the art equipment. Here are various types of equipment that you should have in your arsenal when engaging in do-it-yourself house demolitions.

Make use of pry bars

A pry bar will be of convenience in any type of house demolition whether at a small or a large scale. By appropriately placing your pry bar, you make it much easier for yourself to get rid of any type of wood that has been nailed down ranging from thin boards to wide plans. Pry bars also come in handy if you would like to reuse tiles in your home rather than letting them go to waste during the demolition process. When investing in pry bars for your demolition project, it is recommended to get two sizes: the smaller pry bar will come in handy when working on interior framings during the demolition process. The larger pry bar would be best suited for larger tasks that you may be faced with during the house demolition.

Make use of hammers

A common mistake that newbies at demolition make is assuming that you can use your regular old hammer for the entire process. The truth of the matter though is that you will require different types of hammers to carry out various demolition tasks. For instance, a claw hammer will work toward helping you pry items in the event that a pry bar is too large for the task at hand. A claw hammer will also enable you make small holes in drywall so as to ascertain whether there are any plumbing or electric lines to watch out for before the demolition process begins. However, you will also require a mini sledgehammer, which is what will be used for knocking down support beams and other sturdy forms of interior framing. Lastly, you will need a heavy sledgehammer that will carry out the more labour intensive work of braking down brick walls and dealing with other dense materials on the demolition site.

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