Asking the Right Questions About an Excavator Hire

Hiring an excavator can make quick work of digging trenches you may need for putting in new plumbing pipes or creating a drainage system on your property. They may also be used when you want to dig rows for a garden or farm and for many other purposes. Since most people don't hire an excavator and such large equipment often, you may have some questions about how to use this machinery and what's involved in their rental. Note a few of those questions here and be sure you ask them of any rental agency so you get the right equipment and use it properly.

1. Does a person need a special license to use an excavator?

Typically, this depends on the size of the excavator, and the rental agency will check on your licensing if it's required. Mini excavators, which are often used for private properties, usually don't require any type of special licensing because of their size, but it can be good to ask before you arrange a rental.

2. Will the rental agency demonstrate how to use it?

A rental agency may spend a few minutes with you to explain how the excavator works, but don't expect them to spend too much time actually training you. It's good to familiarize yourself with the parts of an excavator so you know what the rental agency is referring to when they show you how to work the bucket, the arm, the cab, and the like. This will make their demonstration easier and ensure you operate the excavator safely.

3. Be sure to ask what type of fuel is used

Most excavators will work with diesel fuel alone, but you need to ask about this and ensure you know where to get the right fuel. Your local gasoline station may not sell diesel fuel, so if this is what's needed, you'll want to check for a supplier before you rent your excavator.

4. Ask if the excavator needs a special covering at night

If you rent an excavator for more than one night, you may need to cover it with a special tarp of some sort. This can keep it protected but also keep it out of view. An excavator parked on your lawn can be considered a nuisance in some neighborhoods and attract vandals or kids who decide to play on it, and covering it with a tarp may be a legal requirement. Ask about this for any long-term rental so you ensure you handle the excavator properly overnight.

For more information, contact a local excavator hire company. 

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