Answers to Your Questions about Installing a Soakwell on Your Property

A soakwell is a type of drain or pipe that allows rainwater to be collected and then to seep into the ground. This drain or pipe can protect your property from flooding and from having water collect near your home's foundation, causing water pressure and resultant leaks. Before you undergo a soakwell installation on your property, you might first note a few commonly asked questions; discuss these with your contractor. But in the meantime, these answers can help to explain the use of a soakwell on your property.

1. Is a soakwell legally required?

Your contractor can usually tell you if a soakwell is required in your area, and if so, the amount of water it needs to be able to displace. Some areas may strongly recommend soakwells but not require them, so if you've heard that you're legally obliged to get a soakwell, be sure you check on this before making that assumption. Note too that even if it's not a legal requirement, a soakwell can offer quite a bit of protection for your property (and your neighbors') from water damage and flooding, so consider having it installed in either case.

2. Which is best, concrete or PVC?

This will usually depend on your property and the size of soakwell you want to have installed. Remember that concrete can be shaped and poured in any style, whereas PVC pipe will only be available in a set variety of sizes. Concrete might also be painted or stained so that the top of the soakwell doesn't look as unsightly as a PVC pipe sticking up from the ground. The PVC pipe may be cheaper, however. Discuss your options with your contractor before you decide and ensure you invest in quality so you're happy with your soakwell for years, rather than letting price alone be the deciding factor.

3. How many soakwells are needed?

One soakwell on your property may not be enough depending on the size of the soakwell, other drainage systems on your property, average rainfall, and even the type of soil on your property. Rain might overwhelm the soakwell if the soil is already very moist or you choose a very small soakwell. On the other hand, some properties may respond very well to just one soakwell if the soil is dry and easily absorbs rainwater runoff and if you have other means of drainage on your property. Your contractor can note all these factors when helping you determine how many soakwells are sufficient for your property.

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