3 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting Earthmoving Equipment

Are you planning to rent earthmoving equipment for your DIY home improvement project? Read on and discover some of the mistakes that you should avoid making when renting the equipment that you may need, such as a skid steer loader.

Not Understanding All Requirements

One of the costly mistakes that some homeowners may make is to rent earthmoving equipment before understanding what their requirements are. Such a mistake may lead to incurring additional costs when you discover that the equipment that you rented is inadequate for the tasks that have to be performed. For instance, you may be compelled to rent a bigger excavator when you discover that the one that you had rented has a shorter reach than the worksite requires.

Another related mistake is to forget code requirements for construction work. For instance, regulations may stipulate that a worksite should be fenced off before any construction work can begin. Overlooking such a requirement may result in paying extra fees for earthmoving equipment rental as that equipment sits idle on your property during the time when you are fencing off the construction site.

Avoid this cause of budgetary overruns by clarifying all the requirements before you rent the earthmoving equipment needed for your project.

Basing Rental Decisions on Price Alone

Many pieces of earthmoving equipment may be able to perform the tasks at your site. However, each piece of equipment may have certain advantages over the others. For instance, a backhoe may be able to perform similar tasks to a skid steer. However, the skid steer may complete those tasks faster due to its easier manoeuvrability. Furthermore, a firm that is meticulous in the way it maintains its earthmoving equipment may charge a rental fee that could be slightly higher than another rental firm whose earthmoving equipment is not carefully maintained. It may therefore be erroneous for you to base your rental decision on price alone without considering all other applicable factors. This is because you may rent cheap equipment that takes very long to complete a task.

Not Reading Rental Agreements Carefully

Read the rental contract carefully so that you understand the extent of your responsibility as you use that equipment in your home. For instance, the contract may state that you will be charged for the time the equipment spends at your site until a representative of the rental company picks it. Such a stipulation may alert you to the need to give advance notice about when you will finish your work. Such advance notice may save you from paying for the hours or days that the equipment spends in your yard as you wait for it to be taken.

Avoid the mistakes above and you will enjoy the full benefits of renting specialised earthmoving equipment for your home improvement project.

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