How to save money on your next lift truck rental

A lift truck is an important piece of industrial equipment for any project. A proper lift truck rental can be the difference between staying within budget or going over budget with excessive costs. Because lift trucks are often expensive, many people opt to rent it for a specific purpose as opposed to buying one.

Life truck rental can however prove costly if not done in the right way. You should be aware of the dynamics that surround a fork life for hire in order to implement the best strategies for getting a good rate.

             Lift truck cost saving tips

Choose the right forklift for the job

Before you get to renting, make sure you can identify the right forklift to suit your needs. Consider your load capacity, lift height, and the fuel type that the lift truck will need while you use it. Different types of lift trucks are rented at different prices, so you should always get one that is of the right size.

A common mistake for most renters is to get a larger lift truck than they need. This can make you pay extra costs to get a simple job done. However, avoid getting a lift truck that can't get the job done. Renters also often choose lift trucks that don't meet their height or capacity requirements.

Consider your load weight and the distance/height of where you will be transporting your cargo. Getting the wrong lift truck may lead to costly damages to the truck itself and to your equipment.

Don't Forget to Compare rates

Shopping for different rates before making a decision can make you save on costs. Some hiring companies offer discounts to first-time hirers as well as other promotions related to the period that you will need the lift truck for.

Hire for long periods

A great way to save on rental costs is to hire the lift truck over the long term. Arrange for the use of the lift truck during times when it will be needed for at least a few weeks, as opposed to renting it for only a few days. Longer rental periods lead to higher discounts.

Pay in advance or upfront

Many lift truck rental companies desire payment security for their services. You can use this to your advantage by paying for the services upfront or through a direct debit payment system. There are often discounts associated with advanced payment.

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