A Mower Or A Slasher: Which Is Better?

Farming is one of the oldest necessary trades in the world. The farming concept has remained the same over the years, although the farming tools and equipment have advanced. Farming is no longer one of the small scale productions, but rather an extensive scale activity which needs massive machines. 

There are thousands of farming tools whose applications differ according to their designs and uses. Some of those tools include mowers and slashers. If you have a large farm of grass to manage and you need useful tools, a slasher or a mower would be an ideal option. They all perform the same activities, although they have some differences. 

In this guide, we will discuss the two options so that you can select the one suitable for your specific purpose.


There are various types of slashers, but the most effective one is the double head slasher. Slashers help to clear and maintain farms with large amounts of grass. They are durable, and thus ideal for the thick high grass. 

A double head slasher has a jockey wheel, which you can adjust to cut different heights of grass. It does not have a limit to how long you can slash, and you can combine it with different types of blades to have a lawn finishing.

When buying a slasher, consider the durability. The deck should be strong enough, and the gearbox should be flexible to meet the changing Australian climate. Also, consider the clutch and the frames.


Unlike a slasher, a mower works perfectly for the small and light grass, and thus it is not ideal for the dense grass growth. You can use a mower to cut or trip grass in your compound, or a playing field. You can also use a mower to trim lawn in an extensive area provided that it is the high-quality model. 

When buying a mower, ensure that it has a warranty, and it has available spare parts. You should also get it from a certified supplier.

Bottom line

As you can see, both options are good but for different considerations. If you need to cut thick grass from a large piece of land, then a double head slasher would be the best for you. However, if you need to trim the light grass form, a mower would be the best for you.

When buying a slasher or a mower, make sure that you buy from the best supplier. A reputable supplier will give you the best equipment and advice you on how you should use and maintain it. To learn more, contact a company like Hydrapower Attachments Pty Ltd.

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