Rent the Right Trench Shoring Equipment by Considering These 3 Aspects

Excavation projects are characteristically dangerous and require meticulous planning and extra caution. Depending on the project type, the existing trench shoring equipment may not be sufficient. Thus, a contractor is forced to rent the appropriate equipment to complete the project at hand.

While rental firms are more than glad to offer the trench shoring equipment, utility contractors are left to choose when, where and what they want to rent. Here are some essential tips to help make these decisions. 

Why Rent?

There are many reasons why you may choose to rent trench shoring equipment, but the most obvious one is avoiding the enormous costs of owning one. In addition, the transportation and storage of such bulky equipment require plenty of resources you may not want to commit. Moreover, choosing to rent or buy your equipment may depend on the weather or regional attitudes. Some areas may have short or long working seasons, and this may affect your decision.

Another reason why you should rent is that your project may be becoming increasingly vast and complex. The increase in size and scope of the excavation projects requires a more cost-effective solution, such as renting trench shoring equipment to satisfy its needs. It's a more sensible approach, especially if you won't be using the equipment frequently. 

Where to Rent

As trench shoring equipment varies from one manufacturer to another, so does the quality and expertise level. Consider renting from companies that offer high-quality equipment to meet your project's needs. If a particular trench shield from one company can excavate more depth than the competitor's, then that could be a pivotal aspect to consider.

Rent from companies with well-maintained equipment. For instance, if the trench shoring equipment appears poorly maintained externally, then it's likely that its interior parts are damaged. Furthermore, determine the level of understanding and know-how of your rental company concerning the equipment. Rent with a company that will also deliver any rented trench shoring equipment.

What to Rent

When approaching a rental company, you should be equipped with adequate information concerning the project and equipment needs. How deep do you require your excavation to go? What's the soil's condition, and what's your project type? Your choice of trench shoring equipment will highly depend on these factors.

Understanding why, when and what trench shoring equipment to rent is crucial. Hopefully you now have a clearer understanding of all the three aspects to help you hire the right equipment. 

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