Considering Crane Hire For Your Multi-Storey Construction Project? Go With The All-Terrain Variety!

All construction projects require machinery for the transportation and lifting of loads, but when it comes to the scope, a multi-storey building project will indubitably have a need for crane equipment. Whether it is the lifting of burdensome building supplies such as concrete and steel, you need to ensure that the equipment you hire is both powerful and versatile enough to provide your project with multipurpose functionality.

Nonetheless, once you decide to hire a crane, you will quickly find that you have a multitude of choices available ranging from crawler cranes, overhead cranes and even floating cranes. But one type you cannot go wrong with is the all-terrain crane. These dynamic pieces of equipment are suitable for both small- and large-scale projects for various reasons. Here is a brief list of the benefits of going with the all-terrain crane variety for your multi-storey construction project.

Easy manoeuvrability

As the name suggests, this type of crane is efficient, regardless of the terrain of your construction site. This advantage is hard to come by with most other forms of heavy construction equipment, particularly cranes since their wheels are designed to either be functional for indoor or outdoor use.

With an all-terrain crane, you do not have to be concerned about changing out the equipment when you transition your construction operations from uneven ground to smooth floors and this can be attributed to its suspension system designed for all-wheel steering. Furthermore, the crane is mounted on a specialised truck system that ensures the equipment can access any location, irrespective of how remote it is.

Enhanced convenience

The second advantage of all-terrain cranes you may be surprised to learn about is how convenient they are to set up! The equipment comprises integrated booms that simplify the process of setting it up. Hence, you can be assured that your all-terrain crane will be up and running in a short while, which can help with keeping your project within the projected timelines.

The second reason why all-terrain cranes are highly convenient is due to the increased lifting capacity that they offer when compared to other cranes. The self-rigging feature allows the operator to focus solely on lifting tasks rather than having to pay keen attention to the functioning of the entire price of equipment.

An additional benefit that an all-terrain crane will offer your construction project is increased speed for guaranteed efficiency so your project can progress seamlessly without delays.

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