Multiple Advantages of Using Crushed Limestone to Overhaul Your Driveway

While your residence's driveway has the primary function of providing you with easy access to your property, this is not the only role that it plays. Your driveway also has a significant impact on the kerb appeal of your residence so the moment that it starts to appear worse for wear, the exterior of your home will also lose its lustre. However, when you start to contemplate replacing your driveway, you should think out of the box instead of opting for traditional supplies such as asphalt or concrete. And one of the materials that will lend both functionality and visual interest to this structure is crushed limestone.

Below are some of the multiple advantages of using crushed rock materials like limestone to overhaul your driveway.

1. Reasonably priced

The foremost concern that homeowners have before engaging in any household project is the amount of money that they will need to part with. And while this is a legitimate concern, expensive projects will more often than not end up being postponed. The great thing about crushed limestone when compared to other paving supplies such as brick, asphalt or concrete, is that it is the most cost-efficient material available and there are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, the extraction and processing of limestone from quarries are not labour intensive. Secondly, you will not need as much crushed limestone as you would concrete or asphalt supplies to traverse your driveway.

2. Remarkably sturdy

A misassumption that you may have regarding crushed limestone is that the pebble-like structure will continually spread away from the driveway and you will eventually have to undertake the entire renovation project but this is not true. To begin with, once the crushed limestone is spread across the driveway, it will be compacted through the use of heavy construction equipment. Hence, the crushed rock will remain intact even when exposed to vertical loads from people and cars. In addition to this, despite its naturally soft texture, the compacted crushed limestone is capable of withstanding the mechanical stress from vehicular traffic.

3. Straightforward upkeep

The third advantage of using crushed limestone to overhaul your driveway is that you will not be burdened by arduous maintenance. Unlike concrete or asphalt, crushed limestone is not vulnerable to cracking that will mandate routine professional repairs. Moreover, this material will not succumb to UV damage that warrants the periodic sealing of asphalt. Instead, all you need to do is hire contractors to replenish the crushed limestone every year or so and regrade its surface. Therefore, you are guaranteed not to spend extravagant amounts of money on routine professional upkeep.

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