Rough Terrain vs. All-Terrain vs. Crawler Crane: Which is the Best Mobile Crane for Your Project?

Mobile cranes provide better flexibility than other crane configurations. They not only lift heavy objects with ease, but they can also move from one place to another. There are three popular types of mobile cranes you can rent for your project: rough terrain, all-terrain and crawler cranes. How do you choose the best one for your application? Below are a few guidelines to help you make a choice.

Rough terrain crane

A rough terrain crane features a wheeled crane mounted on an undercarriage. It comes with large rubber tires and a low centre of gravity, which increases the stability of the machinery. Rough terrain cranes are designed for rough terrain or undeveloped areas. If you are undertaking a construction project in a remote area with unsurfaced roads, this crane is the perfect choice for you. 

The only downside to a rough terrain crane is that your local regulations may prevent you from driving it on public roads and highways. When lowered for transportation, the crane's boom blocks the driver's view, which increases the risk of accidents. If you want to access sites in urban areas, you have to transport the crane.

All-terrain crane

Do you have a construction project in an urban area? Instead of hauling a rough terrain crane, you can rent an all-terrain crane. An all-terrain crane is a hybrid between a rough-terrain crane and a standard truck-mounted crane. It can be used on both public roads and undeveloped roads. The crane also performs excellently on sand and gravel roads due to its all-wheel-drive suspension.

If you are moving between different job sites in rural and urban locations, an all-terrain crane is an excellent hire. The machinery can easily access multiple sites without requiring trailer haulage. This can significantly lower your crane transportation costs. However, on the downside, the crane can overturn when operated on uneven ground conditions.

Crawler crane

Unlike rough terrain and all-terrain cranes, a crawler crane does not come with rubber wheels. Instead, its undercarriage is fitted with rubber tracks, also known as crawlers. The crawlers increase the mobility capabilities of the crane. Thus, it is usable in both developed and undeveloped areas. The crane is also incredibly heavy and stable. It works well on wet and uneven grounds without the risk of toppling over. 

If you are working on a job site with hilly, uneven or slippery grounds, this crane is a perfect choice. However, on the downside, crawler cranes are very slow due to their weight. Also, you can't drive them on public roads and highways. Therefore, when moving between job sites, you have to transport the crane using a trailer. 

Consider these tips when choosing the best mobile crane for your project. For professional help, consult a rental provider like Everwilling Cranes

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