Rental Scissor Lift FAQs

Do you plan to hire a scissor lift? The extract below contains some scissor lift rental FAQs to ensure you have an easy time hiring the equipment. 

How Do You Choose a Scissor Lift?

Scissor lift rental companies have a wide range of scissor lifts to rent to their clients. A mistake novice renters make is choosing a lift based on its appearance. However, this approach often leads to disappointments since there is a likelihood that the rented scissor lift does not meet your needs. Use the guide below as you choose a scissor lift. 

What is the maximum weight you will lift? The lift's weight limit should exceed the maximum load. What is the maximum working height? If the lift has a lower height, you risk accidents as you work. Will you be working on an unstable surface? If you will, consider renting a rough terrain scissor lift. Does the site have a power source? If it does, consider hiring an electric scissor lift. If not, go for a diesel or petrol-powered lift. What is the condition of the rented scissor lift? The rule is to conduct physical assessments and check maintenance records to ensure the lift does not have defects that could compromise its functionality or cause accidents. 

How Much Does It Cost to Rent the Scissor Lift? 

Scissor lift rental companies have varying charging policies. Nevertheless, negotiate for a reasonable pricing arrangement. For instance, an hourly charge would suit you when you need the lift for less than a day. Consequently, a daily charge fits long-term rentals. Besides the standard fee, the company could impose additional charges such as insurance and transport. If possible, talk with the company to ensure these costs are included in the standard charge. 

Certain behaviours could prompt the rental company to impose penalties. For example, the company will impose repair costs if you intentionally damage the lift. In addition, you will incur a fine if you return the lift late or move it to another site without consulting the rental company. Read the rental contract to ensure you understand these conditions. 

What Safety Measures Should You Observe When Using the Scissor Lift?  

Prioritise safety to avoid accidents as you use the scissor lift. For instance, conduct a preliminary inspection to ensure the lift is safe to use. Furthermore, park the lift on a stable and level ground. It helps prevent accidents once you load the lift. Finally, do not attempt to move the lift with someone on board. 

Contact a company that provides rental scissor lifts to learn more. 

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