Four Excavation Projects That You'll Need A Backhoe For

Backhoes are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can have in your fleet. A backhoe is a track-drive excavator with a bucket at the end of an articulating arm, so it can move around and dig in any direction.

But what kind of projects should you use a backhoe for? Here are four types of projects that require the use of a backhoe.

1. Laying Out Drainage Ditches

Drainage ditches are a great way to prevent water from pooling on your property. They help prevent flooding and stormwater runoff, which can cause erosion and pollution. A backhoe can be used to dig drainage trenches that are both long and narrow. A backhoe can also be used to remove any large obstructions that block the path of the ditch. 

2. Removing Top Soil & Laying Grass Seed

For lawns that have been neglected for years or have been destroyed by construction work, removing topsoil can be a laborious task when using other tools. A backhoe makes quick work of this job, allowing you to remove large amounts of dirt and place it where it's needed most — on your property. Backhoes come equipped with an auger attachment that allows you to lay grass seed without having to till the soil first. This saves time on your part while making sure that your lawn will grow quickly once you've finished seeding it. 

3. Removing Dirt & Rocks When Building A Pond Or Ditch 

A backhoe is a very useful tool for anyone who's planning on building a pond or ditch. The backhoe allows you to dig out dirt and rocks from the ground in order to create a smooth and even surface for your pond or ditch. You can also use it to dig trenches for drainage pipes as well as for laying down tubing for your pond's filtration system.

4. Excavating Gravel Or Sand From A Pond Or Lake

If you want to add some fish ponds or lakes at your property then you'll need gravel or sand. You can use a backhoe to dig up gravel or sand from the bottom of a nearby pond or lake. You can also use it to create your own gravel pit by digging out dirt and rocks from an area where you want to excavate for gravel or sand.

To find out more about how a backhoe can aid your excavation projects, call a local backhoe service today.

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